Indian Madras Curry Spice Mix

This Madras curry is a blend of herbs and spices from the South of India. Perfect with vegetables, meats, lentils and seafood. Not a hot curry, but packed full of aromatic spices and flavour.

Chef's notes

I purposely designed this blend with no heat. The idea was to create an Indian curry spice blend that could be used with seafood, especially scallops.

  • Although created with seafood in mind, it is ideal with chicken, soups, lentils and also used as a flavour base to vegetable stir frys and rice dishes.
  • If using with scallops, dust a little on the scallops first, then place into a medium-hot pan with a splash of olive oil and cook for a few seconds on each side only.
  • Dust a slab of tofu with the Madras blend, then pan sear each side briefly.

Nutritional Information

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