New Orleans Cajun Spice Mix

A hot, peppery spice blend that is a traditional New Orleans favourite for making Cajun blackened fish or chicken. Great in gumbos and all things New Orleans. Perfect with pan fried, grilled or barbecued dishes, or simply sprinkle over chicken, fish or beef.   

Chef's notes

Welcome to Louisiana and the South. There are very few regions in the world as passionate as the Cajun and people from New Orleans. A perfect spice blend complimenting the flavours of bourbon street and the Creole passion.

  • One of the most famous dishes would be blackened fish and chicken. Dust some of this spice mix over fish filets, chicken breast or thigh meat or extra large king prawns (shell off) and place into a medium hot pan or oven. This spice blend is designed to blacken and release all of the flavours or the South.
  • There is great flavour in this spice blend and it is perfect with grilled vegetables and dusted on roasted potatoes.

Nutritional Information

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