Mexican Spice Mix

This season mix adds authentic flavour to Mexican dishes. Made with chilli powder and toasted cumin seeds, it gives an authentic kick to Mexican favourites, such as tacos and burritos. Use for tacos, ground beef, potatoes or BBQ chicken. You can add it to salad dressing too!

Chef's notes

When I was looking for a Mexican spice blend in the supermarket, I found them full of added salt and fillers with numbers that could only be described as a science project, hence this creation.

  • With no added salts, preservatives or additives this is ideal with minced beef, pork and chicken.
  • Great mixed with natural yoghurt in lettuce cups with Mexican spiced meat.
  • Cut some strips of beef and toss in a little of the Mexican spice blend and marinade for half an hour. Toss in a hot pan with a splash of olive oil or sear on a hot grill. Serve in taco shells or wrap in tortilla or flat breads with some shredded lettuce and a splash of chili sauce and a squeeze of lime.

Nutritional Information

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