Spanish Spice Mix

A prized aromatic exotic Spanish spice blend with hints of smoked paprika and spices synonymous with Spain. Great with all meats and seafood. Delicious dusted over roasted potatoes and with vegetarian dishes. Perfect as a paella seasoning. Just devine. Perfecto!

Chef's notes

One of my favourite spice blends… the smoky delicious moorish depth of flavour of Spain is wonderful. Great with anything and everything.

  • Perfect mixed in scrambled eggs when cooking.
  • Whisk into an Omelette with tasty cheese and chorizo sausages.
  • Dust roasted potatoes with the spice blend.
  • Add to a paella dish for added authenticity and flavour.
  • Dust onto chicken prior to roasting or grilling and pan frying.
  • Use it with fresh mushrooms and all manner of vegetarian dishes.
  • Perfect with mashed potatoes and in quiche.

Nutritional Information

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