Middle East Cajun Spice Mix

Shawarma is a great spice blend most popular with Middle Eastern meat dishes. This traditional blend of exotic spices is exceptional with roasted, grilled or barbequed meats and fish. Great in dressings with Tahini and hummus or used in a wrap with lamb. A perfect dry marinade and spice rub also.

Chef's notes

If you have ever had a true Shawarma you would never forget the medley of flavours and the intense taste to the last bite. A true Shawarma is traditionally sliced layers of spiced lamb cooked on a spit. As not everyone is fortunate to have a spit at home, it was a project and a mission to recreate the exact flavours that you would get from the true Shawarma, hence this blend from the Middle East. A true favourite and one of the most highly recommended.

  • Marinate lamb, beef, pork or chicken strips with this spice mix, coating all over the meat. Allow to infuse for a few minutes and toss in a hot wok, pan or grill on a BBQ.
  • Also perfect rubbed on roast meats and sprinkled on roasted vegetables.
  • Create some kebabs of skewered lamb or chicken that have been pre-marinated with a little Middle East Shawarma spice blend mixed with a little yoghurt. Grill and serve with couscous spiced with some of the spice blend, adding a touch a honey and dried fruits.
  • Add to chickpeas tossed in a pan.
  • Add to Tahini and hummus and spread onto freshly toasted pita bread - perfect!

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