Ethiopian Berebere Spice Mix

Pronounced as ‘Ber-Beray’, this is an Ethiopian spice blend with a great earthy texture. Berbere has pungent yet fragrant spice notes with a little bit of chilli included. Great with all foods, exceptional with lamb, and a great addition to vegetarian and rice dishes.

Chef's notes

I love food from Ethiopia and was introduced to it a number of years ago. This spice blend is a perfect with almost everything - use passionately and add a touch of North Africa to your kitchen… you won’t regret it. This spice mix puts out the most amazing perfume in cooking and fills the kitchen with an aromatic aroma.

  • I have used it as a marinade, a rub and a seasoning for every type of meat and an array of vegetables.
  • Mixed with a little yoghurt it makes a great dressing for grilled prawns and grilled meats or with salad leaves as a dressing.
  • Use as a general seasoning and sprinkle over your favourite dish for a bit of zing.

Nutritional Information

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