Malaysian Prawns, seared watermelon, coriander, chilli lime dressing, micro salad, cashew crumble March 16 2014

Malaysian Prawns, seared watermelon, coriander, chilli lime dressing, micro salad, cashew crumble

Ok…you might think a strange combination but the flavours really work well together and I do like the colours and textures in this dish. The cashew is a real contrast but devine. Enjoy.


Serves 4:



2 x Limes – juiced and zested

1 x red chili

Splash Soy sauce

Splash Fish sauce

2 Tspn Palm sugar

100ml Peanut oil

Sea salt and cracked black pepper

Watermelon – enough to cut a good square or suitable shape per person

24 x green prawn cutlets (6pp) – Most supermarkets stock them in the frozen section

3 tspn Black Market Spices Malaysian spice blend  

30gr Micro leaves

100gr roasted cashews – cracked and crushed in a mortar and pestle



To make the dressing combine the lime juice, red chili, soy, fish sauce, palm sugar and a little peanut oil. Mix well and adjust seasoning.

Cut the watermelon flesh into the desired shape. It can be a square, rectangle, triangle or round. Rub with a little peanut oil and place onto a hot grill to brand and keep warm.

Place in the prawns in a suitable bowl with a splash of peanut oil and the Malaysian Black Market Spices spice blend, season. Place onto a medium hot flat plate bbq grill and cook until just done which will take very little time. Do not overcook.

To serve place the watermelon onto the plate serve the prawns on and around the melon and drizzle with the dressing. Garnish with the micro leaves and crumble the cashews over and around the dish.