It just tastes so good January 28 2014 the planned diet didn't pan out as anticipated..using the BMS spices to facilitate loosing a few pounds hasn't quite panned out...the food just tastes sooo good......there are not too many meals where the spices are not used and mostly when eating out although I am challenging myself not to take a jar out to restaurants to make meals sing. New spice blends in the test kitchen which are awesome.

Dieting can be Delicious! November 12 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm Mark Dronjak, and I am passionate about food. I think about it all of the time (probably accounts for the few extra pounds that have snuck on) and am enthusiastic about teaching and influencing people in creating better meal experiences. This is why I created Black Market Spices - a passion that has been in the planning for many years. I was thinking the other day (yes, caught me off guard) and was in deep consideration about what healthy food is all about and believe it is food without the scientists dabbling, the XYZ on the label and all of the things that come from who knows where… and I am happy to acknowledge that my spice blends are not full of anything that will get you growing anything bizarre. And as a soon-to-be passionate dieter, I am pleasantly optimistic that the addition of different spices to meals will not only make a meal more appealing, but more enjoyable too and will result in more of a use of lower calorie alternatives. Who said food for losing a few pounds should be so bland! I am keen to share my story and recipes to help loose a few pounds whilst using spices to enhance, so watch this space!