Moroccan spices Chicken, preserved lemons and chickpeas March 16 2014

Moroccan spices Chicken, preserved lemons and chickpeas


This dish is one of the staples of Moroccan street food, both in the coastal towns and inland. I have adapted this recipe for baking in the oven to make it a little healthier and believe it is equally as delicious, similar to how a tagine can be cooked. A great taste of North Africa and Morocco.


Serves 4



750grm chicken thigh meat – skin on or off depends on taste really (and the waist line)

Olive oil

2 – 3 tsp Black Market Spices Moroccan spice blend

1 x preserved lemon – sliced and in segments

250gr Chickpeas

200ml dry White wine

250gr small Cherry tomatoes – can use tined / canned variety

Sea salt and pepper

1 lemon – wedges

Parsley and coriander leaves




Add the chicken thighs to an oven dish (with a fitting lid or tagine) with a splash of olive oil, coat with the Black Market Spices Moroccan spice blend, add the sliced preserved lemon, the chickpeas, the white wine and finally arrange the cherry tomatoes. Season and place into a hot oven for about 30 minutes.

When cooked remove and garnish with lemon wedges and coriander and parsley



Rose Water perfumed Honey and Fig Couscous March 16 2014

Rose Water perfumed Honey and Fig Couscous


A favourite of North Africa. The Black Market Spices Tagine North African spice blend is just awesome with the couscous. The recipe is based on a sweet couscous recipe (Seffa) that is perfect with spicy food. The richness of the figs and honey make this dish ideal as an accompaniment to dishes that carry a bit of spice, also great as a dish on its own.


Serves 4



200 grm couscous

1 cinnamon quill

2 oranges (1 zested) and 2 juiced

1 lemon (1 zested) and 2 juiced

6 tablespoons runny honey

¼ cup diced dried figs

2 – 3 tspn Black Market Spices Tagine

50ml rose water

Olive oil

50gr Butter

Water – extra for cooking couscous

Sprigs of fresh mint – for garnish



In a large flat heavy bottom saucepan add the orange and lemon zest and juice, the cinnamon quills, clove, honey and the Black Market North African spice and about a cup of water. Bring to the boil. Adjust flavours if necessary by adding more citrus zest or juice and a bit of honey.

Slowly add the couscous to the pan stirring with a wooden fork or wooden spoon. Add a little olive oil and a dash of sea salt.. Add the diced figs and stir in gently. Add more moisture if required by adding boiling water

Present the couscous on a warmed serving platter with a spicy dish or serve as a cold salad.