Rose Water perfumed Honey and Fig Couscous March 16 2014

Rose Water perfumed Honey and Fig Couscous


A favourite of North Africa. The Black Market Spices Tagine North African spice blend is just awesome with the couscous. The recipe is based on a sweet couscous recipe (Seffa) that is perfect with spicy food. The richness of the figs and honey make this dish ideal as an accompaniment to dishes that carry a bit of spice, also great as a dish on its own.


Serves 4



200 grm couscous

1 cinnamon quill

2 oranges (1 zested) and 2 juiced

1 lemon (1 zested) and 2 juiced

6 tablespoons runny honey

¼ cup diced dried figs

2 – 3 tspn Black Market Spices Tagine

50ml rose water

Olive oil

50gr Butter

Water – extra for cooking couscous

Sprigs of fresh mint – for garnish



In a large flat heavy bottom saucepan add the orange and lemon zest and juice, the cinnamon quills, clove, honey and the Black Market North African spice and about a cup of water. Bring to the boil. Adjust flavours if necessary by adding more citrus zest or juice and a bit of honey.

Slowly add the couscous to the pan stirring with a wooden fork or wooden spoon. Add a little olive oil and a dash of sea salt.. Add the diced figs and stir in gently. Add more moisture if required by adding boiling water

Present the couscous on a warmed serving platter with a spicy dish or serve as a cold salad.